Oct 11

Crisis Killer – Austrian Hacker Made 130,000 USD With THIS Script

Austrian Hacker Made 130,000 USD With THIS Script

Hey Friends,

A young hacker from austria named Thomas L. shows how he doubled 100,000 eur (roughly 130,000 usd) with his custom trading script..including

FULL PROOF of the money, that he photographed upfront on what looks like a kitchen table on video (1000X  100 eur bills)

FULL PROOF of deposit (logging into his bank account showing the deposit of the money and the wire transfer to the brokerage

FULL PROOF of credit (a signed and stamped confirmation letter of the brokerage confirming the recipt of the 100,000 eur

FULL PROOF of trading .. each single trade taken and documented and finally..

FULL PROOF of the withdrawal , again logging in showing the paid out withdrawal right onto his bank account!

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Did you ever witness something like that?? Among all the wannabees that play around with 500 usd accounts showing you silly backtests and what if scenarios there is a young programmer that had the balls to double his life savings.. talk about putting your money were oyur mouth is..

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and the best part is.. he’s doing it again now and wants you to join in! Anyony game to double money within a few months? Im in 🙂

Go and see for yourself.. watch how he did it the first time and have a look how he repeats it now!


Ps: You need to check it out just to see what 130,000 usd look like ona kitchen table ;).


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